Virtual Challenge Update- Week 5

After 42 days of pure team work from Reddish Hall School, we have completed the 1744.2km journey from Lands End to John O’Groats (although we actually smashed that and did over 2000km between us all!).

On the last leg of the journey, we passed through Loch Ness –  Scotland’s second largest but deepest loch.
Boat tours set out regularly from various venues around the lake in order to try and find the mysterious and famous Loch Ness Monster. There’s also a Loch Ness exhibition at Drumnadrochit, which looks at the nature aspect of the water as well as the folklore surrounding it.

As for Nessie, well, she’s been around a while – or at least the legend has. Adomnan’s ‘Life of St. Columba’, written in the 6th century, tells of the Irish monk coming across a burial party on the banks of the River Ness, who told him that the man was killed by being pulled under the Loch by a ‘water beast’.  In recent years, photographs – unexplained and proven hoaxes, films, and sightings on land combine to keep the mystery alive. Whether or not Nessie exists, the most conclusive evidence that there is – or at least was – something there comes from Robert Rines (a lawyer by profession). Over a period of 35 years, Rines assembled sonar readings which indicated that not only was it likely that something was there, but there could be more than one! Sadly, toward the end of his life in 2009, Rines concluded that the species had become extinct, perhaps unable to adapt to global warming.

After passing through Loch Ness, we made it to John O’Groats – the northernmost tip of the Scottish mainland.

John O’ Groats might sound like a fine Scotsman but he was actually a Dutch settler, Jan de Groot, who came to the area in around 1489. He ran the ferry from the mainland to Orkney at the end of the 15th century, after the island had been returned to Scotland from Norwegian control in 1472.   John O’ Groats is one of the most photographed locations in the UK. After all your hard work, we finally made it!

Now time to put our feet up. Until the next challenge…

Thank you for all of your efforts!  

Team Reddish Hall