Virtual Challenge Update- Week 3

Half term has not stopped Reddish Hall in their challenge to travel from Lands End to John O’Groats by walking, running and biking each day.  We ended two weeks ago having just entered the Peak District National Park (the first National Park in England). Over half term, we have managed to travel a massive 355km (220.6 miles) up through the Northwest of England, crossed the Scottish border and are now resting in a little village called Hopehouse!

Image of journey so far (3rd June 2020). We have managed to reach Hopehouse in Scotland.

Along the way we have travelled through some beautiful and historic parts of the country, a little of which is mentioned below:

  • We started in the Peak District – the first National Park in England!
  • Next stop was Bradford – heartland of the Industrial Revolution and famous for its wool and textiles manufacturing.
  • Then we travelled through the beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park –  home of the Ribblehead viaduct (very similar to the one in Harry Potter!) and the Ingleton waterfalls.
  • We crossed the historic Hadrian’s wall – an important part of history–  the 73 mile wall marked the edge of the Roman Empire as the Romans never made it to Scotland!  Construction on Hadrian’s Wall began in 122AD, so that the Roman armies based at the far north edge of the territory could control who came in and out of Empire territory as they were worried they may have attacks from Scotland! Every Roman mile (not quite as far as a modern mile), there was a milecastle – a fortified manned post for extra security. With a wall that was fifteen feet high and ten feet thick, getting through was difficult. Unsurprisingly, it was so well built that much of it still stands today.

  • Then we hit the official English – Scottish border!  The border has been a moveable marker for centuries, and the border lands were long in dispute, changing hands on many occasions. The Treaty, and subsequent Acts of Union in the early 18th century Great Britain – although Scotland do have some separate laws!

Thank you for all your hard work with this – please keep the school updated on any activities you do so we can add them to your score!
Team Reddish