Secondary Nurture Group Update

It’s been our first term together in the Nurture group and we’ve been working hard to develop our core skills in reading, writing, spelling and maths. We have started doing weekly spelling tests that have made us all work hard and seen most of us average (at least) 4/5 in our marks each week!

Our topic this term has been World War Two and we have learned about how it affected life in the UK. We have learned about rationing, the life of an evacuee and the job roles that were filled by women.

As a part of our topic, we have also completed a class project – we built a model WW2 Spitfire. I’m sure you’ll agree, we all worked really hard and did a fantastic job on it!

We somehow managed to complete this whilst going on trips to: the Imperial War Museum in Manchester, the Science and Industry Museum, Legoland Manchester and Crocky Trail!  Phew!