Letter from Reddish Hall School – 21st May 2020

Download a copy of the letter – here

Thursday 21 May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that you’re well, staying safe and making the most of the lovely weather. We’re really looking forward to seeing our pupils again and staff have been working super hard to make sure that when we return everything will be safe but fun.

We have looked at how we can safely stagger re-entry to school and begin to support our students with a transition into what will be a different environment with expectations that haven’t been previously asked of them.

Please note: it is your choice to send your child back into school and there will be no penalties for non-attendance. If you would like to discuss further our plans for keeping everyone safe to help put your mind at ease, please get in touch. For children who remain at home, we will still be providing online learning and/or remote learning packs, and staying in touch on a regular basis.

To help us gauge numbers of children, we’d be very appreciative if you could fill in the short survey that can be found here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/G7VNQ9R
This survey will close at the end of Friday.

Our plan is to have a gradual restart, with classes introduced onsite at separate times to minimise the stress and anxiety of children, and allow staff the chance to get children used to the distance, regular handwashing and expectations that are going to be different in terms of personal space. Classes will initially be taught in two halves, so of groups no more than four, with two adults supporting and children will remain in these ‘bubbles’ every time they are in school. This is necessary so that any outbreak of the virus can be tracked and traced and those people in the ‘bubble’ can be isolated and tested.

Children will remain their classroom for the day, which will be slightly shorter at first, with the same staff whenever they’re in as far as we can do this. This also includes secondary, so there will not be the usual classroom changeovers. The secondary curriculum will be focused on core subjects. There will also be restrictions on practical resources, such as computers, toys and other items that would be shared.

The first class group to have a staggered return will be year 6 pupils and we will be working on the transition to their new Key Stage Three groups. Primary children will be introduced in small numbers following this, the week after will see a graduated return of Key Stage 4 pupils, followed by Key Stage three. Pupils, as per the government’s guidance for special schools, will be in on a rota basis.

Some children for whom we know will struggle to adapt to coming back into school will have a bespoke transition plan.

When children are not in school, work will continue to be sent home via whichever method is currently being used. If a child who is coming into the building for session work is in a Key Stage that is not being reintroduced straight after half term, then session work will still be available, but this may be at different times and with different staff.

Class teachers and form tutors will be in touch after the half term holiday to let you know which dates and times your child’s ‘bubble’ will be running. We can give rough guidance before this, but we are still dependant on government advice as to when we can safely open the site.

We thank you for your support during this period. We know it’s been tough on everyone. Although school will be different over the next half term we are looking forward to the opportunity we will have to work with children in a different manner and further building those relationships which we know are so key to helping our young people.

School closes on Friday for May half term. We won’t be undertaking visits or outreach during this time, but if you need to get in touch urgently, please contact us via admin@reddishhallschool.co.uk or 07825 894 304.


Have a lovely half term break,

Sarah Makin

Head Teacher