Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award – Volunteering

During the last term students have been working towards completing the volunteering aspect of their DofE Bronze Award.  The award is made up of four development areas; physical, skill, volunteering and expedition.

Students have opted to complete their award by allocating time to each section in the following way:

Physical = 6 months commitment
Skill = 3 months commitment
volunteering = 3 months commitment
expeditions = 2 days & 1 night.

This cohort of students asked if they could help improve the school site and have been volunteering to clean up the harmony zone.  Timber that was deemed to poor to reuse was disposed of and timber that could be reuse/repurposed was moved to an area to be stored and already has been reused in the school garden.

Students have been extremely dedicated to their volunteering and have developed numerous skills including communication and teamwork.  Well done everyone!