COVID-19 Update – Letter from Headteacher

Please read the letter from Mrs Sarah Makin (Headteacher) and Outcomes First Group. Alternatively, you can download the PDF version here – download now.

Letter from Reddish Hall School

Friday 20 March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

The outbreak of the corona virus brings challenging times for all of us.  I know everyone has concerns not just about health, but also the impact these changes have on the children we look after.

The government has recommended that schools such as ours remain open to support vulnerable children, which include those with EHCPs and social workers, with parents, carers and schools making a decision whether it is safer for a child to be in school rather than socially distancing themselves at home.  We are remaining open until instructed otherwise for those families that need us in this regard.  If children are not attending, we can be there in other ways also – even if it’s just another adult to speak to if you’re having to self-isolate.  For children not in school we will send home packs and update our online learning platform as frequently as we can.  Attendance at this point is not mandatory, so no child will be penalised if they aren’t in.

At present we have a significant proportion of both students and staff who are self-isolating, but we anticipate that on Monday we can be there for children that need to be in school. School will be different – we will try to maintain structure as our children need that – but as we cannot plan for which staff will need to self-isolate we will not be able to determined until each morning what activities might be on offer.  We will be using it as an opportunity to develop social skills, team building, attachments and friendships, all of which are key for our children.  We aim to get the children out in the fresh air and in the (hopeful) sunshine as much as possible.

If you decide that school is safer for your child to be in, or you are a key worker (and we understand that our parents are often responsible for other older adults and vulnerable adults too), please let us know in advance so we can adequately plan our staffing – an email is fine,  Similarly, we have confirmed with all local authorities that transport will be running as long as we are running, but please confirm with your transport if you do or don’t need them – they will likely assume you do, but best to check.

We are looking to see what service we can offer over the Easter holidays, especially for key workers.  Jane and Jodie have been ringing to ask if we can help over this period.  Please let us know and we can look at what we can do.

We ask if you send your child in that they are well.  If you have any concerns around a high temperature or a new persistent dry cough, please do not send them in and look to whether you should self-isolate for fourteen days.  We aim to keep everyone healthy and we are aware how easily and quickly this virus spreads.

Again, please let us know if we can help.  If your child isn’t in school, we will phone on a regular basis to see if we can help and to maintain that contact.  We don’t want any child to feel that we aren’t available for them, even if it’s a quick conversation over the phone.

Attached is a letter from our parent company, Outcomes First Group.


Kindest regards and stay safe,

Sarah Makin and the Reddish Hall team


Letter from Outcomes First Group


Friday 20 March 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,

For over 25 years, Outcomes First Group, our local authority customers, and the parent community we serve, have faced many challenges big and small and come through them all by supporting each other and working together

I wanted to write to you personally to update you on how we are managing the coronavirus pandemic and keep you informed about the situation at the school in light of the current Covid19 pandemic.  I also wanted to reassure you that we are being very proactive in supporting our pupils and their specific needs.

Almost all the children in Outcomes First Group schools (Acorn / Hillcrest & Options) are vulnerable in some way and we are following Government guidelines to keep our schools open as we are regarded as an essential service.

It is also extremely important that we keep our children safe and as such I would ask you to make sure you do not send your children to school should they present with any symptoms of coronavirus and please do call us to see if we might be able to help in some way with some home study if you felt that were appropriate.

We will endeavour to continue teaching pupils in the normal manner over the coming weeks, however, we may need to make daily adjustments to some of our curriculum routines to accommodate our available staff levels, but can assure you this will not impact on your child’s learning.

For our parent community, we are very aware that many of you are classified as key workers and if you are, we would encourage you to contact us direct and let us know, if you haven’t done so already.  This is in order we may plan to potentially keep part of the school open during the Easter break to support you in your essential role.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any general questions or questions specific to your child.

In the meantime, it is the kindness and support that we give to each other that will help us get through these unprecedented times, my sincere thanks go to you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely,

All at Outcomes First Group