Art Update – Paper Mache, Graffiti and Modrock.

Year 8 and 9 created stories and characters in English and with the help from visiting artist Johnny Woodhams, they then created the landscapes and environments for those stories to take place during art lessons. This was a cross-curricular project run across the departments.  They used basic papier mache techniques and materials and spent several weeks on this project.  The time and energy put into the work is reflected in the quality of the outcomes.




Key stage 4 have been exploring 3D sculpture by creating lifelike but oversized stationary out of card, newspaper, mod rock and paint.

Year 7 students have been learning about colour and the artist Keith Haring.  They created 3D sculptures of a Haring character and used cardboard, newspaper and modrock.  The art room and the students were covered in plaster by the end of the lesson but the outcomes are fantastic!


Year 8 students have been learning about graffiti. They designed and created a 3D spray can character and create a collaged brick wall with their name to create a scene for their character.

Students from across Key Stage 3 worked together over a period of a week to compete this large canvas for the schools re-modelled reception area.  They were conscious of each other’s work and worked collaboratively and respectfully as a team.