Welcome to Reddish Hall School

Reddish Hall School is a co-educational school catering for pupils aged 5-18 with complex educational needs, communication difficulties and challenging behaviour- our students will have a statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health Care Plan. The school will accept students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, though our students may face additional challenges and diagnoses including ADHD, Asperger’s, SpLD, MLD, OCD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome or a variety of other conditions. Additionally, many of our students will have serious social issues and very difficult home lives resulting in complex emotional difficulties.

All students attending Reddish Hall School will have individual needs that have proved too complex to be addressed within a mainstream setting. The school will provide effective support and a suitably differentiated curriculum, enabling them to progress and succeed to the best of their ability.

The aims and values of the school will emphasise a commitment to provide a high quality provision for all our students.

The school’s mission statement is:

The school intends that every student should achieve their potential and develop an understanding of and respect for themselves and others.

The school’s ethos will be embedded in the school policies and reflected in the culture of the school:

  • To promote a climate where students learn and where behaviour changes for the better
  • To promote each student’s academic and social development
  • To promote British values
  • To ensure equality of opportunity for all students
  • To develop, in all students, tolerance of and respect for others
  • To raise the self-esteem of all students
  • To raise the level of social competence of all students
  • To maintain close working partnerships with all parents/carers and referring authorities
  • To keep all students safe while they are at school
  • To involve all students in their learning
  • To monitor, evaluate and review the progress of all students regularly
  • To return students to a mainstream school whenever appropriate and practicable
  • To provide students with the skills and knowledge to equip them for life after school
  • To enable students to adapt readily to a changing environment


We believe Reddish Hall School will become a centre of excellence, which enables its students to improve their academic performance, develop their social skills and raise their aspirations. Our students may have a history of negative attitudes towards school, as a result of previous experiences of failure and frustration. Through our positive structure of rewards and incentives, underpinned by a strong sense of boundaries, our students will gain self-belief, display positive behaviours and have a strong sense of belonging to our school. By rebuilding their self-esteem and forging positive relationships, they will replace failure with success.

At Reddish Hall School we will provide a high quality learning environment and deliver an exciting and innovative curriculum which meets the needs of all students. The curriculum will be underpinned by strong social and behavioural support, building self-esteem and giving students a platform to experience success. This, in turn, will enable students to channel their energies into improving academically. The school will have a strong ICT infrastructure, which aids learning and enriches curriculum delivery at all times.

At Reddish Hall we are committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all students, staff and others who come into contact with the school, regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability. Everyone visiting, working or learning in the school should feel welcome, secure and confident at all times. All should feel valued and able to participate fully in the life of the school.